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== Discography -

Date:   07/16/2001
Title:   2 song promo
Desc:   7/16/01
Back Lit

We are trying to give out as much music, to introduce people to _pollen. We made a music "flyer" of an upcoming show.
Date:   07/16/2001
Title:   The Six Pack
Desc:   "The Six Pack" - Introducing Phil Cali on bass. Our first attempt to complete a workable demo.

1. Len(Function)
2. BackLit
3. Strung
4. DEP
5. Dropped
6. Pantone Smile
Date:   03/01/2001
Title:   Numero Uno
Desc:   1.Dropped v1
2.Back Lit v1
3.Pantone Smile v1
5.Pantone Smile

This was our first recording.
8/13/00 1-3 - featuring Kevin Vance on Drums
3/1/01 4-6 - Steve Jacobs is introduced